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Full Propulsion triggers the full emotional spectrum. Ride high on the entrancing journey between total silence and utter chaos, sheer agony and absolute ecstasy, all the while electrifying your body, soul and consciousness.

Thrusting vigorous tracks into this world since 2009, Full Propulsion crafts exclusive sonic vibrations rocking the audience – for the best and for the worst.

5 EP releases, 6 releases on VA compilations and over 20 collaborations with other artists as a producer and mastering engineer. Full Propulsion fuses all boundaries to pursue the eternal quest to deliver limitless freedom.

He produced events in Tokyo under the name of between 2010 and 2012, performing along prominent artists in the scene including, but not limited to GMS, Mad Maxx, Ace Ventura, Major 7, Vibe Tribe, Talamasca, Electro Sun, Didrapest, Astral Projection, CPU and Absolum.

In 2013, he co-founded Loose Records with Loose Cannon, bringing together a team of renowned and upcoming artists worldwide supporting them via design and audio mastering services.

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Get the COMPLETE original Cubase 5 files for "Microstar (Full Propulsion Remix)". Learn all the tricks and licks. Fully remix-able, fully editable.

Get the WAV version of "Microstar" with a donation. You decide the price.

Get the WAV version of "Front Burner" with a donation. You decide the price.