Source [EP] Out Now – Free!

“Source” propulses 3 tracks originally composed in the late 2000’s but never really completed or released.
These tracks were remixed and revamped throughout this year with a more contemporary trance mix and sound.

Spread the music, dance and fly!

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Artist: Full Propulsion
EP: Source
Release Date: 28/08/2015


1. Regressive Trance
2. Akai Suisho
3. Honey, Reality Check

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Stay tuned for the next Free EP “Source”, to be released in October, 2015. Source propulses 3 tracks originally composed in 2009 but never completed or released. The 3 tracks “Regressive Trance” “Akai Suisho” and “Honey, Reality Check” were remixed and revamped this year to suit to contemporary trance sound.

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