What is Spastry? I believe music opens a magical door – it enables us to look into our souls, find answers, stimulate our imagination, empowering us with a sense of infinite freedom leading to infinite journeys into infinite places – space.

Spastry brings a new element compared to previous releases – YouRock, the digital guitar. I used to play the guitar but completely stopped once I started producing trance until last year when I came across YouRock and experimented with it playing all kinds of different trance sounds as a guitar player on trance tracks. The result? Spastry.

1. Spastry
2. 128 bits
3. Min Max
4. Welcome
5. ReZu


Unite & Reinstate [Live Set 2016]

Featuring “Unite & Reinstate”, the 4th series of Full Propulsion EPs, coupled with handpicked tracks from all releases since its beginning, this live set booms 13 tracks to FULL POWER your dance floor. Hit the play button and grab your seats!

Download MP3 320kbps

Plastic Sensations – Free Download

Download “Plastic Sensations” from the “VA Level UP” released on Loose Records.

The links are available until April 30, 2016.

Artwork by Chizujin


Jumping in the Line [Remix Pack]- Free Download

Get a head start and download the Remix Pack for “Jumping in the Line”. The package includes:

  • Original cubase 5 project file
  • All original WAV files
  • Complete MIDI tracks

Available until 8/7/2017


Source [EP]

“Source” propulses 3 tracks originally composed in the late 2000’s but never really completed or released.
These tracks were remixed and revamped throughout this year with a more contemporary trance mix and sound.

Spread the music, dance and fly!

Download WAV 24bit
Download MP3 320kbps

Artist: Full Propulsion
EP: Source
Release Date: 28/08/2015


1. Regressive Trance
2. Akai Suisho
3. Honey, Reality Check

Full Propulsion Releases [2009 – 2015]

Get all Full Propulsion releases so far. Available until October 30.